Songs back online for your listening pleasure

GOOD NEWS! We’ve now raised over £3k through crowdfunding for the new album, IMAGO, thanks to the generosity of folk and some unique rewards. Chuffed!

The album launch is on December 14th in Newcastle upon Tyne (more details here:

You can still sponsor me online by going here:

In celebration of the success of the crowdfunding project, I thought I’d make most of the songs from the song blog I did at the start of the year available for public consumption again.

I’ve left out the songs that are going on IMAGO or the ones I released on the E.P. Drink

Both are available for pre-order/instant download respectively on along with my very first album (The Sweetest of Tales…)

Thanks again for such amazing support - it’s a wonderful feeling and I’m so looking forward to sharing the new music with you.

Loads of love 

Beccy x


Today is the last day you’ll be able to hear the Songathon songs whilst I bunker down and get into New Album Making mode. 

Share and share alike

They’ll be back at some point later in the year, and will in the meantime be replaced by the new E.P. 

Thanks for listening! x

Mostly now on Soundcloud


I’ve been really enjoying playing some of the songs from the Songathon at recent solo gigs. Yesterday I did a lovely gig at Central Gateshead. 4pm on a sunday is a great time to play music for people. Post roast, pre-can’t-be-arsed-it’s-sunday feeling. 

The songs that have ‘stuck’and are emerging as part of my live set seem to be:

Dead Language

Boy at the Wedding


and Beached.

So that’s four new songs out of a month’s daily splurge, and these are also the songs that I think will end up on the new album that I’m making.

Pretty chuffed with that.

Kindling II is also a favourite, and there are a few others that I plan to use in a theatre show I’m writing with my best friend Joanne.

You can hear most of the stuff here:

Thanks very much for listening, please feel free to comment and I hope to see you at a show sometime soon.

B x

p.s. My band Sharks Took The Rest are on tour in March. Go here for more info:

Day Sixteen: Appetite

Day Fifteen: Do You One

Day Fourteen: Dead Language

Day Thirteen: Dead Language (rough draft)

Day Twelve: Dead Language (verse and chorus idea)

Words got carved into the mountains
We are made of stone
Carve me out of the mountains
Find me fully grown

Voice by Ceri Owain Murphy
Percussion: slate from front yard.
Additional percussion: roaring fire

Day Eleven: So Much Slate